NCR Designs DUCATIS on Steroids

Two distinctive super heavy weights in their categories. When these titans meet, you know something big is going to happen. The year was 1977 and Mike Hailwood was returning to the circuit after a decade of self imposed exile. He was 37 then after retiring at 26 after winning everything there was to win. Now he was back and to prove his mettle, he needed a partner that can match up with him. Steve Wynne, part time racer, proficient bike engineer helped out Mike in meeting the guys at NCR. And it was NCR that gave him a (now hallowed) specially prepared 883cc Ducati V-Twin. It was the 900SS. One year later, Mike raced at the Isle of Mann TT on the Ducati 900SS. What happened that year became motorcycling history as he beat Phil Reed (on a specialized Honda) to give Ducati its first ever world title. Go to Motorcycle Classics to read the story as told by Steve Wynne.
After 30 years of that race, NCR came out with the idea of replicating that Ducati bike and in 2009, the Ducati 900SS was reborn as the NCR MIKE HAILWOOD TT. Only 12 of them was to be made and that too on requests from clients. In case you are in line to be that suitable client, get ready to shell out $ 130,000.00 US. Small price to be a part of a legendary history, right?
And just like the typical NCR bikes, the Hailwood TT frame weighs only 5 kgs due to grade 9 Titanium. The total weight of the bike is just 136 kgs. The engine is a 1200cc twin producing power in excess of 130 bhp @ 87 rpm and torque figures of 13.5 Kgm/ 98 ft-lb) @ 7000 rpm. The engine has titanium connecting rods carved out of billet, high compression forged pistons with single piston ring, custom F1 type crankshaft from billet with longer stroke, NCR CORSE cams, titanium valves, ported heads, lightened gearbox, custom dry-type slipper clutch by APTC-NCR, full racing oil cooler, all fasteners in titanium. You can feel it right? I mean with all these goodies, it has to work, meaning go blindingly fast. It has carbon fibre bodywork displaying the colours that ‘Mike The Bike’ rode his Duc. Gadgets include NCR-EFI Euro 1 engine management system integrated with an AIM MXL Pista display and Lambda closed loop control. The front forks are MotoGP Ohlins FGR 900 Pressurized with adjustable triple clamps ably supported by carbon fiber wheels and full titanium exhaust system. Rear suspension is also from Ohlins. There are some more special parts going to thos one-of-a-kind special bike. Adjustable rear sets in titanium, gas cap assembly in titanium, clip-ons in aluminum with titanium tubes, triple clamps with adjustable offset from 28 to 36 mm and the steering damper with billet mount.The NCR MIKE HAILWOOD TT is officially endorsed by the Estate of Mike Hailwood and by the Department of Tourism and Leisure of Isle of Mann.
And then there is the NCR 848 that has been built in collaboration with Ducati North America. This really is an amazing bike in terms of racing. Of course anyway, you look at it, it is amazing, but it was made especially for racing. The project came out as Ducati wanted to participate and compete in the Parts Canada SBK Championship and so Ducati North America made NCR its official factory team knowing the success of NCR. NCR developed two 848s and the entire bike except for the engine was designed and developed by NCR. The bikes were ridden by NCR Factory rider Valter Bartolini and Canadian Andrew Nelson.. Visit the NCR Corse website for more details. What makes it more fruitful is the fact that in the Championship, between the two NCR Corse riders, they won all 7 rounds of the championship including all 7 pole positions and all new track records at every track (4 wins for Valter and 3 wins for Andrew) where the other participants were firms with backings from big corporate like BUELL (with their 1125R), KTM (with their Super Duke 990) and BMW (with their HP2). Such is the NCR 848 that it has dominated a big field of SBK heavyweights. To get such an impressive result, the NCR Corse engineers sweated it out by continuously adapting to the changing demands of the series by working on the performance, handling and mapping. This is by and large a true genetically enhanced race bike with exceptional handling and of course loads of power.
But even in case, there is one soul on the planet who just might not be satisfied by the 848, s/he doesn’t need to fret as NCR can customize and will customize even the 1098 and (hold your breath) the 1098R. Price for the 848 starts from $81,000 US.
So what is there in the bike? For starters, it is a Ducati 848, right? Anyway, first thing of course is the decrease of the stock weight from 185kgs to 155 kgs, courtesy of the titanium frame and lots of high end alloys. The motor has titanium connecting rods carved out of billet, high compression forged pistons with single piston ring, even the valves are made of titanium, heads have been ported, gearbox lightened. NCR has worked on the crankshaft and STM has made a custom wet-type slipper clutch, full racing aluminum radiator and oil cooler - relocated to accept full range of offsets of the front suspension and even all fasteners are made in titanium.Besides losing that 30kgs, what it does is increase the power to a monstrous 145 bhp @ 12500 rpm and torque figures of 12 Kgm (87 ft-lb) @ 10000 rpm. The front brakes are 300mm NCR designed WAVE Braking with 100mm version of radial Brembo Racing monoblock with billet NCR fork bottoms while the rear houses a 200mm WAVE Braking with 2 piston Brembo racing. The front suspension has Showa OEM forks Ohlins specially designed for NCR internal damping systems. It also features triple clamps made from Aluminum (AL 7075) with adjustable offset from 28 to 36 mm. The exhaust system has something called ‘Termognoni’ full racing system. In case, you are not familiar with Termignoni, just click here and be surprised. The wheels are of Marchisini forged aluminum. Of course all the electronic equipments are NCR custom made that includes the EFI, Racing Harness with interface with AMI MXL PISTA display. NCR-EFI system accepts full mapping capabilities along with Lambda interface for closed loop mapping control. Some additional parts are specially made like the adjustable rear sets and clip ons in aluminum and titanium, gas cap assembly and fork bottoms in aluminum, custom wheel nuts, billet oil fill cover, the rear subframe in surprisingly not made in titanium (remember the Machina Nera?), but in aluminum and one other surprising part is that the front fairing stay is in aluminum which I expected it to be in carbon fiber.
This is a relatively newer product from NCR, the MILLONA, and it comes in 3 variants, MILLONA S, MILLONA R and MILLONA ONE SHOT. This is another true blue race bike with no expenses spared. NCR has aimed this at a specific market and that is towards the enthusiast who wants nothing more than a pure race bike and preferably a Ducati, but that can be driven everyday and not just on race days and for whom you do not need to load the bike on a truck just to get to the track. Get the picture. Now Ducati being a firm is tied with lots of issues, legal and all, so it was up to NCR to satisfy these Duc fans. This is a bike that can race on the track just as a racing bike performs on the track and then this bike will enthrall you in the city just s a city bike should. Yes, to read in between the lines, the bike is out there in the market, you can buy it and actually show it off in your neighbourhood or in fact anywhere you drive it, it is bound to get the crowd drooling. And of course even in stock, it is bound to perform well, so with the NCR engineers working on it, you can only imagine what to expect. NCR says that this is the undisputed bike in the two-valves class (donor is the Ducati 1000DS). They say while this is the ideal bike to race on a track, you will also be impressed by the sheer pleasure of driving it. Like all other NCR products, each MILLONA is entirely hand built, with again the objective of ‘attention to detail’ and making each owner proud and possessive of what they ride.
What you see here is the 2009 version and that is why mentioned it as relatively new. The first model came out in 2002, followed by its next model in 2006. The 2009 chassis has been improved since Valter bartolini (the winner of the Canadian SBK Championship on the NCR 848) joined and provided his inputs to make the MILLONA a thoroughbred racer. The MILLONA get an aluminum frame (Alu 4) which is also very light like titanium and the frame weigh a meager 3.9 kgs. Then the monoshock rear suspension was also developed from a high quality aluminum built by Mupo. The engine is stock a 1100cc V-Twin, but if you so desire, NCR will of course bore it to 1200cc with an increase in power from 100 bhp to 121 bhp. The connecting rods and valves of the MILLONA like all the other models are made in Titanium. The bike has NCR CORSE cam kits and other parts developed by the CORSE team for the Ducati 1000DS and 1100DS. The clutch system has been specially designed by APTC. The exhaust system has been completely redesigned and built from scratch over the 2006 model, going from the 2 in 1 version to the 2 - 1 - 2 version. The S and R models have the standard equipments while the ONE SHOT has its exhaust made in titanium. The ONE SHOT is a full tech machine which obviously is even lighter than the S and R model and weighs just 125kgs. Aldo Drudi has provided the overall design of the bike. Every third party that has contributed to the bike are masters in their own field and so everything is top notch. That of course is the hallmark of anything NCR makes.
The MILLONA has won 20 races in the Supertwins and Ducati Desmo challenge in 3 calendar years and has also won 4 riders-customers awards as best rookie rider, best women rider and twice as best gentleman rider. Since this has been made with a more economical style, prices start quite low (by NCR standards) at $39,149 US. But despite that, you can expect a world class high tech bike as only NCR is able to deliver.
The engine, as mentioned is from the Ducati 1000 DS. The S version engine with its 6 speed gearbox makes a whooping 100bhp@ 7600 rpm while the ONE SHOT can make up to 121 bhp with the 1200cc engine. Torque figures are quite impressive at 9.2 Kgm @ 6400 rpm. The S version weighs 145kgs. The frame of the S version is in tubular trellis in chromium molybdenum projected and developed by NCR while the swingarm is in aluminum projected and developed by NCR. Wheelbase is 1400mm and the rake is 24°. Like the NCR 848, the front brake uses two 320 mm Braking WAVE discs, 4-piston 4-pad Brembo radial caliper while on the rear it has a 200 mm Braking WAVE disc, 2-piston Brembo caliper. For the front suspension, there is Ohlins 43 mm upside-down fork with TiN surface treatment, for radial calipers, while the rear suspension has progressive linkage with fully adjustable Ohlins monoshock with length adjustment. While the belly pans, front mud-guard, seat tail and air box kit are made in fiber glass, the fuel tank and subframe is made up in carbon fiber. It has Marchesini M10R Forged Aluminum wheels set and Metzeler Racetec Slick K0, 120/70 R 17 (front) and 190/55 R 17 (rear) tyres. Footrests and clip on set are made in Aluminum and Titanium, while the NCR triple clamps kit are in alluminum from billetFor the R version, you have to shell out a little extra at $51,597 US onwards. Due to the materials used, it is 10 kg lighter at 135 kgs than the S version and so also is the higher price. The bikes gets all its bolts and fasteners made in titanium.The ONE SHOT version with higher power also makes a higher amount of torque of 10.8 Kgm @ 6700 rpm. It weighs a further 10 kg lighter at 125 kgs and yes, that will cost you some more, actually prices start from $71.500 US. But with that price, you get additional features like NCR CORSE camshaft, anti hopping clutch system, Automatic Remapping System (ARS) by on-board CPU with also Manual Remapping system (MRS), wheel set by BST especially designed for NCR, magnesium clutch and alternator case, a carbon fiber fuel tank, subframe, belly pan, front mud-guard, seat tail and air box kit.
You know when the bikes are of such high quality, it is difficult to pick on one as ‘my favorites’, after all how can you not like or even ‘like slightly less than’ other? But if it comes ot this that one day, Poggipolini is extremely happy that I saved the world single handedly and he would like to thank me with anu one of his creations, I think I will choose the NCR NEW BLUE over the others although I must admit I would settle for any of them with equal glee. Why the NCR NEW BLUE? Nothing specific, it is just that it has the Café Racer styling and is made from the Sports Classic. The NCR NEW BLUE is also a joint production between NCR and Ducati North America. This bike is a limited edition, to be used on tracks only, and it is a homage to Cook Neilson's 1977 Daytona victory on a Ducati 750SS, known as OLD BLUE, tuned by none other than the legendary Phil Schilling. Just as the Hailwood TT was the first ever win for Ducati, the 77 Daytona title was the first for (not just Ducati, but) any Italian brand in U.S. This is the latest creation from NCR and NCR has made this bike on the request of the American firm. The platform is the new Ducati Sport 1000S 2007 edition, completely tuned by NCR and made lighter in all its parts, reaching a weight of 150 kg compared to the 188 kg of the street legal model and the power has been increased from 82 bhp to 116 bhp. Of course, being a special edition bike, only the big brands can be associated with this bike which means you can again expect Ohlins and Brembo to play their part. Poggipolini Titanium is literally everywhere it can be. NCR has left no stone unturned in building this bike and this is a crème de la crème for custom biking. Just for the record, the exhaust system is Poggipolini titanium in 2-1-2 flow, weighing just 4 kg. The bike will be sold “ready to race”.
The tuned Ducati Sport 1000S belts out power output of 116 bhp @ 8450 rpm and top torque figures of 10.6 Kgm @ 6700 rpm. The frame is from the tubular trellis in steel Ducati Sport 1000 S model and has a wheelbase of 1400mm. Rake is 24°. The slipper clutch system is designed by APTC. Power is derived through a 6 speed gear and to stop the bike, you get 2 x 300 mm Braking WAVE discs, 4-piston 2-pad Brembo SBK radial caliper from billet box at the front and 200 mm Braking WAVE disc, 2-piston Brembo caliper from billet at the rear. Front suspension rests on Ohlins 43 mm upside-down fork with TiN surface treatment, adjustable off-set, for radial calipers with NCR CORSE aluminum bottom bracket from billet and the rear suspension has progressive linkage with fully adjustable Ohlins monoshock with length adjustment. The exhaust system is made in titanium. The wheel set is BST carbon fiber wheels set. The dashboard, wiring system are all designed in house by NCR with latest gadgets like Automatic Remapping System (ARS). Front and rear tyres are Metzeler Racetec Slick K0, 120/70 R 17 and 190/55 R 17 respectively. All fasteners and bolts are of course made in Poggipolini Titanium. Weight is only 145 kgs.
The colors of the bike were developed by Artech and NCR and the skin is coated with UV resistant clear coats with multiple sandings. Special parts include Aluminum Titanium footrests kit, fuel cap, clip on set, Titanium clutch cover, NCR triple clamps kit in alluminum from billet, NCR CORSE bottom bracket in alluminum from billet, NCR CORSE camshaft and Magnesium NCR clutch and alternator case. Only 50 such bikes will be built.
NCR offers an ample catalogue of parts and special works for those who want to tune their stock Ducatis. They are available at the website Moreover, bikes are produced on operative work zone following a progressive process that allow NCR to give to his customers schedule information about work in progress.This "continuous upgrading" about work in progress give to NCR's customer the chance to stay tune with his/ her bike and the bonding starts there.Overall, the technology employed by NCR relies on new prototyping technology. For example, in the development of the NEW BLUE model, many parts were made using rapid prototyping technology used by NCR, which allows testing every component directly from 3D CAD to a functional part using sintered powder. This process eliminates final errors, thus guaranting maximum precision, fit and functionality.NCR gives the chance to his customers to buy a bike that is a luxury product, unique and with high added value. So if you have the moolah and you like Ducatis (what am I writing???), look no further than NCR. It produces ‘Ducati on Steroids’.


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