Stunning Simplicity by Gravel Crew

If you have stopped drooling at the customized Yamaha SR400 & Yamaha XS650SPL, go and learn some Japanese or atleast teach me. We all really need to learn Japanese. You see everytime I come across Japanese customization, I am amazed by the simplicity they maintain in customizing their bikes and still yeilding out such stunning bikes. You might have probably gone through some previous Japanese customization featured here in the blog like the Bratstyle, Whitehouse, or Official. Welcome to another club... GRAVEL CREW
Beside the fact that they stress a lot on Yamaha SR400, the other thing you will notice is how they keep it so simple. For example look at the two models above, again another Yamaha SR400 and a Yamaha XS650SPL. I dont know about the 650, but the 400 has absolutely no altered frame or chassis. Whatever has been done in only kind of add-ons, Chop off the back mudguard, put thick rubbers both at the front and back while totally disposing off the front mudguard, get new handlebars, thats it! Even the seats have the original plates.
That was easy, but then why do you think they look so cool? My guess is that the finishing job they do, that is the painting is absolutely A class top of the line. Also the chrome or black paint on the engine is just too good. The second thing is (probably) that they just know the perfect combination of the paint scheme, that is what can be the best combination of the colours of the tank, the engine and the seat? No really, what else is there? The work is so simple, but the end result is so stunning. Just look at the Honda CB500 & the Honda CB500T above and tell me if I am wrong.

The above 2 bikes are Kawasaki Z250LTD & Kawasaki 250TR respectively. Please note that all the names are according to the website. Anyway, look at the Kwackers, exactly the same thing except the former which have alloys. Anyway, visit their website GRAVEL CREW and Yes! please translate anything you understand. The whole website is in japanese fonts which I see as boxes. Even google was of no help. The website does have a lot of images to drool. Even if you dont understand Japanese, atleast there is enough 'Visual Gratification'! Although the stress is on mainly Yamahas and Kawasakis. they also work on Hondas. The website also features a Suzuki BigBoy and a Harley Davidson as picturized below. Link through The Kneeslider (Dont know what would I have done without them!, they find such wonderful links from God knows where. Thanks Mr. Paul Crowe).


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